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“live life with passion, see the beauty in every thing and share it with the world”
Jeffrey P Karnes


Printing website
12th October 2016
Hey Everyone, just a quick update, we are starting a printing business and our new website is currently under construction. So be looking out for a link to our new website within the next few days, thanks for your time
Sincerly, Jeff P. Karnes
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14th November 2015

Juvenile Green Heron
05th August 2014
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https://www.facebook.com/jeffreypkarnesphotography/photos/pcb.470886293056096/470883013056424/?type=1I found this juvenile Green Heron in a retention pond, you can still see the down feathers on its head. It was hunting for Dragonflies and i'm sure I have a shot of it catching one. I will look to find one and post later.
The habitat of the Green Heron is small wetlands in low-lying areas. The species is most conspicuous during dusk and dawn, and if anything these birds are nocturnal rather than diurnal, preferring to retreat to sheltered areas in daytime. They feed actively during the day, however, if hungry or provisioning young. Shore-living individuals adapt to the rhythm of the tides. They mainly eat small fish, frogs and aquatic arthropods, but may take any invertebrate or vertebrate prey they can catch, including such animals like leeches and mice. Green Herons are intolerant of other birds – including conspecifics – when feeding and are not seen to forage in groups. They typically stand still on shore or in shallow water or perch upon branches and await prey. Sometimes they drop food, insects, or other small objects on the water's surface to attract fish, making them one of the few known tool-using species. This feeding method has led some to title the green and closely related Striated Heron as among the world's most intelligent birds. They are able to hover briefly to catch prey.
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05th August 2014
Welcome to Jeffrey P Karnes Photography. I am very excited to announce that I just added Facebook links to the website, please like photos and follow me on Facebook.

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